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NEW! Now available! For $20 postpaid, buy Betty Earl's book, Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World. This colorful book tells how to make and plant fairy gardens including the houses, accessories, and plants, plus little-known fairy lore. Buy with Paypal for $20 postpaid (USA addresses) by clicking the purchase button below. Or email betty@mackeybooks.com for more info and an order form. For info, reviews, images, and an excerpt, click here.

If you live in the USA, buy books directly from B. B. Mackey Books right here using PayPal, which also processes standard credit cards. Use the button below the book's listing. Or if you prefer, send a (USA currency) check to B. B. Mackey Books, P. O. Box 475, Wayne, PA 19087. Canadians, the book prices are the same but please add $5 for international postage. In other parts of the world, order the books from amazon.com or full service bookstores.

Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World. This colorful book tells how to make and plant fairy gardens including the houses, accessories, and plants, plus little-known fairy lore. Over a hundred color photos. 76 square pages. Buy with Paypal for $20 postpaid (USA addresses) by clicking the purchase button just above and to the right. Or email betty@mackeybooks.com for more info and an order form. Poet and photographer Lucinda Sisson says, "Fairy Gardens is an absolute delight. The writing is delectable. The layout super. Surely fairies everywhere are ringing little bells in approval."

Paperback Edition! Creating and Planting Garden Troughs, by Fingerut and Murfitt. 168 pages, paperback. Introductory price $21.00 postpaid. Regular price $23. ISBN 9781893443211. Click below to buy.

Now back in print, here is the authoritative guide to creating and planting garden troughs, updated in 2011. Troughs can be made at home with hypertufa, a relatively lightweight concrete-based mixture, and formed in simple molds. Like stone, hypertufa troughs are weatherproof, last for decades, combine well with other landscape materials, and make the perfect environment for miniature gardens. Each trough can have its own micro-environment with the size, soil type, rocks, mulch, and siting for the contained plants. Delicate alpines, herbs, succulents, and dwarf evergreens are some of the plants that can be showcased in trough gardens. Authors Joyce Fingerut, much in demand for her trough-building workshops, and Rex Murfitt, alpine gardening authority, present specialized information on making and planting successful troughs in a most readable  yet thorough manner. This  book includes hundreds of photographs, clear drawings, a well-tested hypertufa method and recipe, trough-planting technique, a guide to plants, illustrated sample planting plans, and a checklist for hypertufa ingredients and supplies. The updated bibliography, plant and subject indexes, and the resource list add to the value of this classic book.Acclaimed in reviews and a recipient of the American Horticultural Society Book Award.

Order your copy for $16.95 postpaid with the Buy Now button above. Best of Green Space: 30 years of Composted Columns, by Duane Campbell. 224 pages, paperback, $16.95 postpaid. Advanced but simplified garden technique crossed with curmudgeonly humor gives you Duane's cheapological garden advice and many a laugh all through the year. Duane is well known as a syndicated columnist and a teacher of Master Gardeners. Are you a regular column reader? Can't wait to see the book? Order it now. It is ready to ship. Click here for reviews and excerpts.

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy ORGANIC GARDENING DOWN SOUTH for $15.95 postpaid.

$15.95 postpaid (USA). ORGANIC GARDENING DOWN SOUTH, by Nellie Neal. Deep South gardening the organic way! 144 pages, illustrated and indexed. The South challenges gardeners but Nellie Neal has the answers and a great description of the soil-food web. Book topics include soils, garden conditions, planning, pests, and ornamental and edible plants. It all leads to a bountiful, beautiful, non-toxic garden that feeds body and soul. Nellie Neal tells you how to use the power of organic gardening to make landscape tasks easier and more effective, just as she does as ‘GardenMama’ on her SuperTalk MS radio broadcasts. You’ll love this new book!

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy CITRUS: HOW TO GROW AND USE for $16.95 postpaid

$ 16.95 postpaid (USA and Canada). CITRUS: HOW TO GROW AND USE CITRUS FRUITS, FLOWERS, AND FOLIAGE, by Monica Moran Brandies. This book not only helps you choose citrus for growing in a garden or sunroom, it tells how to use citrus in many ways. Grow it or buy it, but never waste anything from citrus. Use the peels, fruit, blossoms, and foliage. Make your own juice, marinades, colognes, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, insect repellants, and much more. Find out which kinds grow in which USA regions and when the fruit ripens. There is even information on growing citrus indoors. Full color inside, 72 pages. Click the Paypal "Buy Now" gold purchase button above to order it.

Click the Buy Now button at left to by FLORIDA GARDENING: THE NEWCOMER'S SURVIVAL MANUAL for $18.00 postpaid.

18.00 postpaid (USA). Second edition, FLORIDA GARDENING: The Newcomer's Survival Manual, by Monica Moran Brandies. Laugh off the garden perils and grow a wonderful new landscape in Florida, with Monica's sympathetic help. Here's information on lawns, flowers, veggies, fruits, terrace gardens, trees, and shrubs. Easy organic methods.  New chapter on avoiding expensive mistakes. Many additional perennials, trees, exotic fruits, and vegetables are included in the new edition. Paperbound. 8 1/2 by 11 inches, 135 packed pages. Index, resource list, and illustrations. ISBN 1893443094. Cl

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy HERBS AND SPICED FOR FLORIDA GARDENS for $15.50 postpaid.

$15.50 postpaid (USA). HERBS AND SPICES FOR FLORIDA GARDENS, by Monica Moran Brandies. If you live in Florida and you want to grow herbs, you probably know that you need special instructions for good results. And here they are! Now you can grow herbs for flavor, health, beauty, crafts, scent, and garden color. Monica takes you to visit growers in Northern, Central and Southern Florida. Also, full instructions on growing and using, plus an extensive plant directory. 1996, 250 pages, paperbound. Rave reviews! ISBN 0961633867.

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy A CUTTING GARDEN FOR FLORIDA for $15.95 postpaid.

$15.95 postpaid (USA). A CUTTING GARDEN FOR FLORIDA, Third Edition, by Betty Mackey and Monica Brandies. Here is how to grow marvelous flowers for bouquets in your Florida landscape, and improve your landscape at the same time. This new edition of a well-loved book tells how to -grow the best cut flowers for Florida, and how to harvest, condition, and arrange them, fresh or dry, like a pro. The month-by-month Florida calendar is a special feature. Here is unique information on annuals, biennials, perennials, shrubs, trees, and bulbs, including plant-by-plant conditioning information. 144 pages, paperbound, indexed, resource list, public garden directory. ISBN 0961633891.

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy CREATING AND PLANTING ALPINE GARDENS for $21.00 postpaid.

$21.00 postpaid (USA). CREATING AND PLANTING ALPINE GARDENS: How to Make Small Rock Gardens and Work with Alpine Plants, by Rex Murfitt. Soft cover book, 7 x 10 inches. Color photos, 284 pages, index, resources, bibliography. ISBN 1893443078. Chapters include information on alpine gardening: building rock gardens; making raised beds; soil and topdressing, alpine plants in containers, rock gardens under glass, plant talk, and entries describing the most suitable alpine plants. Rex Mufitt (co-author of Creating and Planting Garden Troughs) has been growing alpines and writing about them for years. In 2003 he was given the Carleton R. Worth Award by the North American Rock Garden Society for distinguished writing about rock gardening and rock plants. Having trained in England with masters of alpine gardening, he passes on classic information and technique in an informative yet witty style. This book received the Silver Trowel Award of Merit for book writing from the Garden Writers Association in 2006.

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy WHO DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW for $14.50 postpaid.

$14.50 postpaid (USA). WHO DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW?, by Alex Pankhurst. 168 pages, paper bound, illustrated, indexed. 6 x 9 inches. Names of garden perennials are intriguing. Here is the book that describes the plants and the people they commemorate, and why. Every name is a special story, as told by Alex in delightful detail. Soon you will know who Mr. Russell was and why lupines are named for him, and why there is a dianthus called 'Joan's Blood.' Why was Mrs. Henry of Gladwyne, Pennsylvania exploring distant mountain ranges? Alex is a British writer who brought this book out in hardcover in England. This is the North American edition of her book and it preserves the original punctuation and spelling along with its legendary charm.

Questions and Answers for D S
Click the Buy Now button just above to buy the new edition of QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR DEEP SOUTH GARDENERS for $14.95 postpaid.

$14.95 postpaid (USA). QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR DEEP SOUTH GARDENERS, 2nd Edition (2010), by Nellie Neal. Paperback, 130 pages.  Here is Nellie Neal's book of real questions from gardeners who call her on the radio, attend her events, and read her books, and their answers. She is ‘GardenMama’ to her fans and her garden advice really works. Chapters cover fall, winter, spring, and summer, each with chores and tips for the season, and, the heart of the book, many questions straight from the talk show, with expanded answers. There are new questions and answers and a complete year-long guide to pruning. Jim Wilson, former co-host of "The Victory Garden" on PBS, says, "Nellie Neal's gardening advice is as southern as live oaks festooned with Spanish moss. With wit and wisdom she answers tough questions gleaned from years of give and take with southern gardeners. From turnip greens to tropical hibiscus...if you have a question, she has the answer." 

Click the Buy Now button at left to buy BLESS YOU FOR THE GIFTS for $9.95 postpaid.

$9.95 postpaid (USA). BLESS YOU FOR THE GIFTS, by Monica Moran Brandies. Humorous true stories of life in a large, rural family. "Extraordinary tales that demonstrate the faith, humor, and wisdom of ordinary people," says Midwest Book Review. Schooldays, nuns, cows, babies, parents, and gardens. Delightful! If you enjoy Monica's garden books, this is a special treat. Paperbound, 200 pages. ISBN 0961633875. 

It tells how to make a trough the easy way. This is version 3.0, Copyright 2010. Plays on Windows computers. For trough lovers, here is the story on working with papercrete. This material is a type of concrete, but a little more claylike than hypertufa. There are free instructions on the trough page of this website. And there is much more info on this CD -- a story show about how to mix, mold, and finish papercrete troughs. This is Betty Mackey's original technique, developed through trial and error. Betty demonstrates this at the Philadelphia Flower Show and leads workshops at Longwood Gardens. Click button below to buy the CD (in the USA and Canada).
Click the Buy Now button at left to buy the papercrete CD for $10 postpaid.

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