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A Cutting Garden for Florida, Betty Mackey and Monica Brandies, $14.00. More Info

Citrus: How to Grow and Use Citrus Fruits, Flowers, and Foliage, Monica Brandies, $ 14.00. More Info

Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens: How to Build Rock Gardens and Work with Alpine Plants, Rex Murfitt, $21.00. Has sections on containers and alpine houses too. Garden Writers Association award for writing. More Info

Creating and Planting Garden Troughs, Paperback Edition, Joyce Fingerut and Rex Murfitt, $21.00. Winner – American Horticultural Society Book Award. More Info

Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World, Betty Earl, $20.00. More Info

Florida Gardening: The Newcomer’s Survival Manual, Monica Brandies, $18.00. More Info

Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens, Monica Brandies, $15.00. More Info

Organic Gardening Down South, Nellie Neal, $15.00. More Info

Questions and Answers for Deep South Gardeners, 2nd Edition, Nellie Neal, $14.00. More Info


Aphid in My Eye: Adventures in the Orchid Trade, Thomas Powell, $12.00. More Info

Best of Green Space: 30 Years of Composted Columns, Duane Campbell, $14.00. More Info

Bless You For the Gifts: Stories From My Life, Monica Brandies, $10.00. More Info

Who Does Your Garden Grow, Alex Pankhurst, $14.00

More Info


Garden Notes This Year, Betty Mackey, $9.00. More Info

Plant Notes, Betty Mackey, $9.00. More Info


(still kicking around in the warehouse – help!)

A Cutting Garden for California, Pat Kite, $8.00 postpaid, 1991, only a few are left. The info is still good but the books look old. They are.

Garden Notes Through the Years, Betty Mackey, $12.00 postpaid. Only a few are left of this four-year journal for your own notes. The printed covers are no longer laminated. It may come out in paperback later this year. You get your choice of the herb or poppy cover design.

Creating and Planting Garden Troughs


A Cutting Garden for Florida


Our books are available directly from this site but can also be ordered through, de, au, ca, etc. and from many full-service bookstores through special orders.

Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens


Citrus: How to Grow and Use Citrus Fruits, Flowers, and Foliage


Fairy Gardens (book)


Florida Gardening: The Newcomer's Survival Manual


Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens


Organic Gardening Down South


Questions and Answers for Deep South Gardeners


Essays, Humor, Biography, or Structured Blank Journal
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