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Images for our Kindle Version of Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens

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Rex Murfitt's book Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens, won a Quill and Trowel award for book writing from the Garden Writers Association. It is a 276-page paperback that entertainingly tells exactly how to build rock gardens and work with alpine plants. What a treasure trove for serious gardeners who downsize! It has a chapter on alpine houses and a directory filled with great plants to make your garden wonderful. It is the sequel to our award-winning rock garden classic, Creating and Planting Garden Troughs.

Now it is available from Amazon.com in the Kindle version, priced at $8.99. To add to that black-and-white product, Rex and I have posted some colorful illustrations and page views here to enhance the Kindle experience.

Click here to go to Amazon and take a look or download the free sample (the intro and first chapter plus a bit of the second).What? You don't have a Kindle? There's a free version that runs on a PC or iPhone. To get yours click here (this takes you to the right part of the Amazon.com site).

To go to the next page of this site with more alpine book pics, click here.

Above, the title page of the paper edition of the book.

To see more images and pages from this book, click here.

Click the pink flowers to go to Betty Mackey's recommended garden items on Amazon.com.