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Garden Book Lovers,Welcome! The authors here at B. B. Mackey Books work with me to craft readable, illustrated, accurate, practical, entertaining, and sometimes award-winning garden books. Take a look at all our titles. We offer books on rock gardening and troughs, miniature and fairy gardens, regional gardening, garden journals for your notes, and the papercrete CD about making troughs. On this site you'll find free trough-making instructions and many effective garden how-to tips for many seasons. Read on for introductions to the authors, feature articles, links to other sites, and secure and reliable PayPal links for instant garden book and CD purchases. There's some art available, too. Thanks for visiting! Betty Mackey, Publisher

End of the Year Book Sale!

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Books On Sale

For $20 postpaid, buy Betty Earl's popular book, Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World. This colorful book tells how to make and plant fairy gardens including the houses, accessories, and plants, plus little-known fairy lore. Buy with Paypal for $20 postpaid (USA addresses) by clicking it in the summer book sale list above. Or email betty@mackeybooks.com and ask for the paper order form.

Aphid in My Eye: Adventures in the Orchid Trade by Tom Powell. Illustrations by Betsy West . ISBN 978-1-893443-51-8  $14.00. Available July 25, 2012. NEW ! THE EXCITING SIDE OF HORTICULTURE.

You may know Thomas Powell as the distinguished and witty editor of The Avant Gardener monthly newsletter and the recipient of many awards, but here the riotous story of another part of his career. This new book is Tom Powell's recollection of the long ago days when newlyweds Betty and Tom took on the world of orchid collecting and showing, back in the late 'fifties and early 'sixties. It introduces the people who worked in the realm of the orchid. The author presents the pleasures and perils of growing orchids before the days of tissue culture, battling boilers night and day to keep orchids warm, trading tales of orchid explorations, providing blankets of orchids for gangster funerals, lecturing on orchids wherever that took them (including next to an outhouse on an estate), and the experience of overseeing thousands of raging orchid exhibitors at the largest flower show of the time. This book sheds light on what went on to bring this glorious flower to us all.

Paperback Edition! Creating and Planting Garden Troughs. 168 pages, paperback. Summer sale price $21.00 postpaid. ISBN 9781893443211. Fingerut and Murfitt. Here is the authoritative guide to creating and planting garden troughs, updated in 2011. Troughs can be made at home with hypertufa, a relatively lightweight concrete-based mixture, and formed in simple molds. Like stone, hypertufa troughs are weatherproof, last for decades, combine well with other landscape materials, and make the perfect environment for miniature gardens. Each trough can have its own micro-environment with the size, soil type, rocks, mulch, and siting for the dwarf evergreens and rock garden plants that can be showcased in trough gardens. Authors Joyce Fingerut and Rex Murfitt present information on making and planting successful troughs in a readable yet thorough manner. This book includes hundreds of photographs, clear drawings, a well-tested hypertufa method and recipe, trough-planting technique, a guide to plants, illustrated sample planting plans, and a checklist for hypertufa ingredients and supplies. The updated bibliography, plant and subject indexes, and the resource list add to the value of this classic book, which has been acclaimed in reviews and is a recipient of the American Horticultural Society Book Award.

Florida Gardening: the Newcomer's Survival Manual (2nd Ed.) Do you garden in Florida or know someone about to move there? Here is the second edition of that classic by Monica Brandies, with all the information a newcomer needs to prepare for the move and then have a great Florida garden. Laugh off the garden perils of a muggy buggy climate with Monica’s famous advice, always served forth with a warm smile. Save money by preventing "newbie" garden errors in Florida's upside down climate. Get this helpful book on sale for $18 postpaid with the Paypal shopping list above. Monica is also the author of Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens, her autobiographical book, Bless You for the Gifts, and, with me as co-author, A Cutting Garden for Florida.

Best of Green Space: 30 years of Composted Columns, by Duane Campbell. 224 pages, paperback, 14.00 postpaid. For great reading take a look at this new book which has garden technique crossed with curmudgeonly humor in short pieces arranged according to the calendar. You'll come away with Duane's popular garden advice (his syndicated column runs in many newspapers), new ideas for your garden, and many a laugh. The reviews are great. Click the Paypal button just above this paragraph to purchase it at this special price. Illustrated, indexed. If you don't use Paypal send a check for $14 to B. B. Mackey Books, P. O. Box 475, Wayne, PA 19087 and say what you are ordering and where to send it. Click here to read an excerpt.

Citrus: How to Grow and Use Citrus Fruits, Flowers, and Foliage, by Monica Moran Brandies. November, 2010. This book not only helps you choose citrus for growing in a garden or sunroom, it tells how to use citrus in many ways. Grow it or buy it, but never waste anything from citrus. Use the peels, fruit, blossoms, and foliage. Make your own juice, foods, marinades, colognes, air fresheners, cleaning supplies,and more. Full color, 72 pages, $14.00 postpaid to USA and Canadian addresses. Click the Paypal button above to order it. Click here for more citrus book information.

Papercrete CD for Windows. For trough lovers, here's papercrete. There are free instructions on the trough page and further info about the 3.0 edition of the papercrete CD. It is $10 postpaid in the USA and Canada. This is Betty's original technique, developed through trial and error, which she has shown at the Philadelphia Flower Show and taught at workshops at Longwood Gardens. It's easy to make a small or large trough.

Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens, $20 postpaid. In 2006, Rex Murfitt's book Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens, won a Quill and Trowel award for book writing from the Garden Writers Association. It is a 276-page paperback that entertainingly tells exactly how to build rock gardens and work with alpine plants. What a treasure trove for gardeners who downsize! It has a chapter on alpine houses and a directory filled with great plants to make your garden wonderful. It is on sale above, and also now available for Kindle from Amazon.com. It is the sequel to our award-winning rock garden classic, Creating and Planting Garden Troughs.

Who Does Your Garden Grow. Here is Alex Pankhurst's classic biography of gardeners, Who Does Your Garden Grow. It is the paperback edition of this British book and it tells the stories behind favorite cultivars in our gardens: how they were created and for whom they are named. Click here to read an excerpt. Buy it above, on sale for just $14.00.

Plant Notes. Quick, name that cultivar! What could be more useful!

$9.00, on sale above. PLANT NOTES: THE PLANT COLLECTOR'S NOTEBOOK. Quick, name that cultivar! Can't remember? Here's the PERFECT little notebook for tracking your garden plants, designed by Betty Mackey, with a space for your illustration or plant tag info on each page. When you acquire a plant, record its genus, species, cultivar, source, etc., one page per plant. There's room for 125 plants and you make an index as you fill the book. The pocket-size book measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches. The cover shows a blushing peach colored Brugmansia bloom. ISBN 9781893443143.

Here is an offer for the free illustrated e-book by Betty Mackey called Gardening in Small Spaces. It takes up only 1.4 MB and you can email it around legally. For a free email PDF copy, just write to bbmackey@prodigy.net and ask.

fairy garden book from Amazon.com